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Nusco SpA è leader nella produzione di porte, infissi, grate e persiane di sicurezza.
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The Nusco range of doors also includes a large selection of security doors. The strength of a security door is undoubtedly safety. This is why Nusco interior doors, entrance doors, and security doors are certified class 3 for burglar resistance. This means that it will take at least 20 minutes for any criminal armed with a screwdriver, hammer, drill, or crowbar to get through the door. This is sufficiently long enough to deter most burglars.

Security doors: safety and design

In addition to the solidity of its security doors, Nusco also places great attention on aesthetics. Our anti-theft doors also act as furnishings within the domestic space where the door is installed. A new concept of security door is thus born: a line of doors that combine elegance with safety.
But that is not all. Relying on our most advanced production systems, your security door can also be customized based on your own aesthetic taste. This is also true in terms of size: security doors by Nusco measure 1250 mm × 2500 mm. However, double-leaf doors can also be produced on request.

Double-leaf security doors

All the materials we use to build our security doors are of the highest quality, starting with the outer panels. These are made of painted MDF, which combines excellent technical properties with aesthetics.
Like wood, this material provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. This means that our security doors also make a small contribution to energy savings. They also improve environmental comfort with regard to acoustics, since MDF panels provide good noise insulation. Finally, the MDF panels used by Nusco are treated to be water-repellent.

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