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Nusco SpA è leader nella produzione di porte, infissi, grate e persiane di sicurezza.
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Separating interior from exterior is not just a question of style. Nor is it just a technical question. This is why the windows designed and manufactured by Nusco combine aesthetics with performance. The objective of our range of windows and doors is to offer products that not only have excellent technical characteristics, but also act as a furnishings. With a wide range of windows and doors, including PVC windows and doors, aluminium windows and doors, and wood windows and doors (or wood-aluminium), you will always find a solution that meets your style.

This is why Nusco windows and doors are also perfect for renovation and reconstruction projects in historical town centres, where the need to preserve the historical/artistic value of the building must be balanced with high-level technical performance. In this respect, Nusco produces a range of patented windows and doors that are some of the most technologically advanced, ensuring best-in-class thermal and acoustic insulation.

PVC windows

PVC windows by Nusco have an unparalleled quality-price ratio. Modern profiles, combined with advanced technologies in the production of PVC windows and doors, guarantee high acoustic and thermal insulation.

Aluminum frames

Simple lines yet a sophisticated design distinguish our line of aluminium blinds.
Resistance, reliability, and safety, along with various shapes and styles make Nusco aluminium shutters suitable for any living environment.

Wooden window frames or

The wooden frames or in wood-aluminum from Nusco represent the ideal solution to enhance wood. A warm material that makes windows an element of furniture that enhances the environment in which they are inserted. With the wood-aluminum frames, however, the warmth of the wood will blend with the technical performance of the aluminum.


Our Sintesy W70 frames are wooden windows and doors with laminated aluminium. The particular feature of these windows, however, is the decorative surface, which is made of synthetic materials. This solution not only provides exceptional resistance; it also means your windows and doors can be made to match the environment where they are installed.

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