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Nusco SpA è leader nella produzione di porte, infissi, grate e persiane di sicurezza.
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NUSCO SPA is a partner of potential affiliates who choose the innovative franchise formula for the distribution of DOORS AND FRAMES, retail and construction industry professionals. The showrooms NUSCO with the same image, brand, marketing strategy and promotion are now a successful reality. This really deserves to be placed and to penetrate throughout the country.

The franchising allows significant advantages in terms of saving and investment of time and ensuring positive results of the market thanks to knowhow imprenditoriale, commercial, information technologyand communicationdi Nusco. Over the years, the franchisor has gained bargaining power to enable it to enter into agreements with leading domestic and international suppliers of raw materials, ensuring conditions for the acquisition of absolute competition, resulting in positive economic impact on the final product. The use of the brand Nusco, known and appreciated by the market, by virtue of its style defined and recognizable saves costs and time of the start-up phase, with a significant return on image and business.

Main Requirements

  • Surface of the point of sale of 120-150sqm
  • Store location in shopping areas with parking
  • Staffed by at least one other person, other than the owner
  • Catchment area of at least 30,000 inhabitants
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